Christian Passover meal on Saturday, March 27th, at 5 p.m.

Westview will host a Christian Passover meal on Saturday, March 27th, at 5 p.m. at the building. We will not only share a special meal together, but will learn and appreciate the meaning of the Passover and how it still teaches us and encourages us today. We request that you register for this meal as space is limited and we need to have an idea of how many folks to expect so preparations can be made.

To register, please click here:

Current Sunday Schedule

Sunday morning English worship - 9:30 a.m.

(Kids' classes will be held at the same time)

Sunday morning Hispanic worship - 11:15 a.m.

Recommended daily scripture readings

thru the end of March.

We are currently reading through the book of Acts. As we come to a chronological place in the narrative where Paul wrote a letter, we stop and read that epistle. Right now in our Acts reading, Paul has concluded his third missionary journey and has returned to Jerusalem in Acts 21. Toward the end of that journey, he wrote his letter to the church in Rome. We are reading the book of Romans right now.

Sunday, March 14th  -  Romans 6

Monday, March 15th  -  Romans 7

Tuesday, March 16th  -  Romans 8

Wednesday, March 17th  -  Romans 9

Thursday, March 18th  -  Romans 10

Friday, March 19th  -  Romans 11

Saturday, March 20th  -  Romans 12

Sunday, March 21st  -  Romans 13

Monday, March 22nd  -  Romans 14

Tuesday, March 23rd  -  Romans 15

Wednesday, March 24th  -  Romans 16

Thursday, March 25th  -  Acts 21:17-36

Friday, March 26th  -  Acts 21:37 thru 22:30

Saturday, March 27th  Acts 23:1-11

Sunday, March 28th  -  Acts 23:12-35

Monday, March 29th  -  Acts 24

Tuesday, March 30th  -  Acts 25

Wednesday, March 31st  -  Acts 26

Why Westview?

The Westview Church of Christ in Greeley, Colorado, believes God has a plan for each of us. He wants to bless us in so many ways. One of those blessings is through a loving, caring, serving church family. We believe God can fulfill that need in your life through the Westview Church family. Our desire is to live by God's standards in all aspects of life, enjoying the blessings of a rich and fulfilling walk with Him.

We invite you to browse through our website. Please contact us with questions or if you have needs we can meet.

God has a plan for you. He has a plan for all of us. It is this conviction that compels us to live by our purpose statement:

     From here to Heaven...following God wherever He leads us.

Won't you consider joining us on the most amazing and vital of journeys?

Find out more about Westview.

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