All events cancelled due to the coronavirus threat

The leadership has come to the difficult, but we believe, correct decision to suspend all activities at Westview, including Sunday morning worship and classes, for the next few weeks. We do not know how long this will be in effect. We are monitoring daily information provided by health officials and authorities. It is our intention and prayer that we will be a part of the solution to this epidemic and do nothing that will further spread the virus beyond what has already occurred. Continue to pray fervently!

See the section below for a comprehensive list of activities cancelled, postponed, or suspended.

Due to the coronavirus contagion, all church events, including Sunday morning worship, have been cancelled. These include:

Sunday morning worship and classes

Wednesday night classes

Twice-a-month Wednesday night meals

Caterpillars To Butterflies

Monthly Men's Breakfast

ALL Trace & youth group activities

Discovery groups

Ladies' Prayer Group

Grandparents At Prayer Group (G@P)

Congregational Meal on the 29th

Tuesday weekly Men's Coffee

Wednesday weekly Women's Coffee

All non-Westview groups that use the building